CHWATE or clean healthy water around the Earth will create new means of doing things as we reach our 31.12.21 or #by22 target.

Amongst these will be involving ordinary people to get there.

The world has numerous agencies working in this area including U.N. ones with targets for achievement on or after 2030 however we intend to reach ourtarget of everyone in the world having clean healthy water in or close to their homes before 2024.

If we hit our mark there will be numerous other improvements accruing in health and education but even limiting our task to focus to CLEAN and CLOSE will be difficult to achieve in the time.

Various numbers are stated but half a billion people still have trouble getting water and even then it isn’t clean and healthy. So our task is enormous.

However the world already knows what is required.  Our job is to deliver. 

Our Cause

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