About C.H.W.A.T.E

The world is at a choke point (quite literally). With the global water crisis rising at an alarming rate with every passing day, there are millions of people across the earth suffering due to lack of Clean, Healthy water. Water consumption is continually rising at the rate of 1% every year and at this rate, by the year 2040, our earth will have no fresh water reserves left.

We felt the need to do something about it. By creating this virtual organization which we have named CHWATE- Clean Healthy Water Around The Earth, we aim to put together forces from around the world and achieve one common goal: Providing Clean and Healthy water to the half a billion people who do not have access to it.

CLEAN And CLOSE Is Our Mantra

Around the world, there are numerous organizations and volunteers who have dedicated their lives to this cause.
Our modus operandi is to connect the dots between these organizations, thus creating a chain/network. Be someone’s virtual hero today

How The Network Works

We at CHWATE, are a virtual organization – connecting people virtually is what we do. People from around the world can come to CHWATE and get connected with other people who face the same problems as them via our Forum.

We additionally have a blog enlisting all the recent technological advancements related to water and other conservation techniques as well.

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