CHWATE needs help to achieve its goals within a collaborative virtual environment you can join but only pro bono.
The world has many problems. With chwate we offer you a model to chase yours. One with clear targeting. In our case we are working for everyone to have clean healthy water wherever on Earth they live. However you can propose whatever other topics you wish to discuss whether as
The niche chwate will fill in the rest of the world’s attacks on the Water Crisis is to get clean healthy water to everyone as quickly as possible and we have assigned ourselves the tag by22 to reflect this. A tension develops when you set day and date to have
CHWATE or clean healthy water around the Earth will create new means of doing things as we reach our 31.12.21 or #by22 target. Amongst these will be involving ordinary people to get there. The world has numerous agencies working in this area including U.N. ones with targets for achievement on
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