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No Water, No Life.
No Blue, No Green.

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Make Every Drop OF Water Count.

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Anyone Who solves the problem of water will be worth 2 Nobel prizes-one for peace and one for science

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Perhaps if you carried your own water, you'd learn the value of every drop

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How It Works

To The People, By The People

Who we are?

CHWATE is the brain-child of Bruce McCubbery, an activist concerned with the rising water problems in the world. Bruce, along with his friends/ connections, decided to lay the foundation of a ‘Virtual Organization’ in order to connect people suffering from similar water conditions and getting them the required help.

We call ourselves a ‘Virtual Entity’ since most of our work is carried out Virtually. We are associated with various NGOs across the globe and have a network of volunteers scattered in various parts of the world.

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Our Mission

The primary aim of CHWATE is providing Clean and Healthy water to people who have little or no access to drinking water. There are nations that are drought prone and have depleting sources of fresh water reserves. CHWATE aims at connecting such nations with organizations that might be able to help them. The world has various water-related problems but with CHWATE, we offer you a model to manage them – one with Clear targeting. You offer the topics of discussions either as a problem statement or as answers in our forum.

We Are Happily Serving Since 2018

Providing access to Clean Healthy water close to where people live is our moto.
We hope to achieve this goal with CHWATE by the year 2024.




Let's save water before it's too late!

Join us in this cause and be
someone’s virtual hero today

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Get In Touch With Us

Curious about how we work? Drop us a mail and
we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Curious about how we work? Drop us a mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.


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